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Dennis Riley

“What else would you do? This is all you know!”

Hi, My name is Dennis Riley – President of Connect4 Franchising Group. Helping others find a Franchise
Business that is the best fit for them is what I do. An individual in upper management once stated the
question in the opening line to me. I thought, what else would I do? Take the education and knowledge I
learned over the years and apply it to my own business.
Founding/Co-Owning two small businesses with my spouse helped her charter a new course in her life,
and starting my own Franchise business was a new and rewarding path for myself.

As a Franchise Broker it is my mission to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations through
franchising. I will take you through the process of deciding if franchising is for you. We will discuss your
business knowledge, skills, and goals so we can narrow down the options and focus on them. We will
talk to the Franchisor so you can validate their business model and ask questions. I will be in your corner
throughout the process.
My careers consist of Corporate, Independent, and Franchise businesses. 

Franchises are your own
business and with the right people, product, and processes can be very successful. You can do this!
“It’s the simple things in life that make us happy”, and in business you get what you put into it and
owning your own business can be so rewarding.

Let me help find a business model that makes sense for you!

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