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Residential property management has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country.  More than one third of all residential households in the U.S. are rentals and, on average, only 28% of those rentals are being managed by a professional. Therefore, the demand for quality property management companies is extensive and increasing.

Millenials are often burdened with college loans and prefer the flexibility of renting over buying. Couple that with higher credit lending standards and prices for properties on the rebound and fewer Americans in general can afford to buy, resulting in an increased number of investors and investor groups purchasing the homes that are available.

Advances in technology have made it possible for those investors to acquire real estate outside of their local markets. All of this has enhanced the growth and profitability potential for property management companies substantially.  In any economy, people need housing. The industry is stable and generates consistent monthly revenue in times of both recession and inflation.

A property manager’s role is multi-faceted: to find and screen tenants, process rent payments, provide property inspections, maintenance & repairs, and process evictions when necessary. As the owner of the business, your candidate would be selling their services to property owners and investors, working with real estate agents and others to gain business referrals, and managing their business and staff.

Where Real Property Management separates themselves from the rest is in their proven systems and tools, world class training and leadership team, industry research and testing, marketing materials and planning, automation and technology, and national partnerships that offer discounts on daily operations and/or additional revenue streams.

These differentiators allow Real Property Management franchise owners to manage accounts more efficiently and maximize the revenue generated per unit compared to their competition.  Thus, allowing the business to scale.  Scale doesn’t happen overnight, but once achieved can offer the franchise owner the luxury of stepping out of the day to day operation, reaping the rewards that this opportunity can offer from a more passive position over time.

Quick Facts

  • 30 + Years of Experience
  • 325 + Offices Nationwide
  • 2000 + Employees
  • Locations in 48 states
  • Over $17 Billion in assets managed

Key Advantages

  • Growth Industry
  • Stable and predictable income through multiple revenue streams
  • Cash Business
  • World Class Franchise Support and Personnel
  • Recession and Inflation Resistant

The Right System

  • Robust software and technology platforms
  • Bookkeeping support
  • Sales and Marketing assistance
  • Strategic partnerships and preferred vendors – Fannie Mae, The Home Depot, etc.
  • Comprehensive training and support

The Right Candidate

  • Outgoing and enjoys networking.
  • A problem solver.
  • A strong communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Someone who values and exudes honesty and integrity.
  • Willing to work outside of 9-5 business hours initially.
  • Able to competently use computer software programs (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • From a sales and/or business management background – or willing to hire to compensate for that experience if necessary.  Real Estate experience or ownership of investment properties is a plus, but is not required.

IMPORTANT: Brand Requirements

  1. The franchise owner must hold a real estate license. However it's totally okay if your candidate doesn't have it now! The process is built into Phase 1 of our pre-training program and typically takes 6-7 weeks to complete, depending on the state.
  2. The franchise owner must have an office. The important thing is a physical address for rent checks and appropriate space to host investors. A number of franchise owners rent from a co-working space, which is suitable. Home offices are not allowed.
  3. The franchise owner must have a net worth of at least $150K.

Featured Franchises

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: N/A

Minimum Investment: $99392 - $146542

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Min. Liquidity: 150000

Years in Business: 1986

Open Units: 380+

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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Featured Franchises


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